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SkyLab B.V. Starts Selling LongAP Distributed in Europe




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SkyLab B.V., a Dutch-based company, has announced that it will start selling LongAP, a distributed ledger technology platform, in Europe. This move represents an important step for the company as it looks to expand its reach and provide more value to its customers. LongAP is a powerful platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily deploy decentralized applications. We are excited to see SkyLab B.V. start selling LongAP in Europe and we look forward to seeing the great things that they will do with it!

LongAP Pro is a LoRa gateway designed for outdoor use. LongAP Pro has an easy and dependable installation procedure. Another fantastic benefit is that the gateway allows for complete remote management and onboarding.

The LongAP Pro can connect to the internet via either Ethernet or 4G/LTE. The LongAP Pro includes a multi-network packet forwarder that enables it to support multiple LoRa networks at the same time (both public and private), saving money on operating costs while increasing usability. LongAP’s online management dashboard allows network additions and management from anywhere in the world.

The LongAP Pro will come with a solar-battery-power-supply that includes one or more solar panels and a 12V battery. The gateway can operate completely off-grid and independently when coupled with the 4G support.

SkyLabs B.V. will be the sole European reseller of LongAP, handling sales as well as support. SkyLabs is a leader in implementing LoRa technology; they will support and sell the LongAP brand through their staff and sales teams.

About SkyLab B.V.

SkyLab is a brand-independent ICT IoT supplier of (custom) measurement & sensor solutions as well as (indoor) tracking and retrieval systems. The company has over 30 years of experience in IT, transportation security, law enforcement tracking and retrieval systems, asset tracking for Fortune 500 companies, and a solutions supplier for the insurance industry. SkyLab’s solutions are used to observe and track: products, objects, means of transport, work equipment, packages, and people. With these solutions, the company mainly focuses on smart cities, tracking and tracing systems, gateways, sensors, and other applications on the market.

LongAP Pro Network Support

LongAP Pro is designed to support multiple LoRa networks. Some networks require certification or similar verification before gateways can be added to the network. HeNet B.V. is working with several networks on getting certified. The optional feature to fully support Helium’s LoRaWAN network as “miner” earning for “Proof-of-Coverage” will only be available to order after approval by Helium’s DeWi. Providing Helium data-connectivity is already supported currently. Please contact the sales team at SkyLab at for more information on network support.

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