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Is a Crypto Wallet Safe from Hackers?



Envision being part of the vast majority who depend on their smartphone for making payments. It’s likely you’re making use of your device’s integrated payment app, which allows you to seamlessly conduct transactions with just a tap whenever there’s an NFC tag available at a store, or when you’re within Bluetooth range. Nevertheless, think about the potential danger should a cybercriminal manage to infiltrate this application. They might be able to deplete your financial resources unbeknownst to you.

Is a Crypto Wallet Safe from Hackers?

That’s where crypto wallets come in. They’re designed to store your cryptocurrency securely, and many of them have features that make them immune to hacking.

For example, some crypto wallets require two-factor authentication, which means you need to input a code sent to your phone or email in order to access your funds. Others use cold storage, which means the private keys to your wallet never touch the internet and are stored on a specialized, offline device.

Is a Crypto Wallet Safe from Hackers?

That’s why it’s important to carefully research and choose your crypto wallet.

Wallets that have been verified are considerably more secure and difficult to hack than those that haven’t. Cryptography is a method of hiding information in such a way that only authorized individuals can decrypt and understand it.

It’s not simple to encrypt or decrypt data, but with an increase in crypto crime, you must take steps. In a nutshell software-based and also hardware-based wallets can be compromised and hacked.

Security and Privacy

One of the major advantages that Wallet offers is its security and privacy. All transactions into or out from your wallet are anonymized, which means no one will know about any transactions that you make on the blockchain network.

Your Wallet seed phrase gives access to recover your funds if something happens to it. It’s a 12-word phrase that will allow you to restore your wallet if something happens to it. Make sure to keep this phrase safe and don’t share it with anyone!

Write the Wallet recovery phrase down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe and secure place. If someone has access, they can steal all crypto funds from the wallet.

Use Hardware Wallets

Crypto hardware wallets offer the utmost degree of security when it comes to your cryptocurrency holdings. When connected, a pin is required to open the wallet on computers.

It is highly protected against hackers and viruses because of its cryptography. They use microcomputers to further secure things. A key cannot be given away without permission, unlike the previous feature. The keys need to be entered even when the user is offline.

Additionally, hard wallets offer investors unique security benefits such as PIN or password protection, 2-factor authentication, and others for making transactions from a computer.

Metal Plates for Stamp Seed Phrase

Hardware Wallets also keep your seed phrase on paper, not on phone! They are safe from hackers because they store your private key within a secure element that is isolated from the host device. Use a Hardware Wallet: TREZOR, or Ledger Nano S.


Crypto wallets offer a high level of security against hackers, and some wallets require two-factor authentication or use cold storage to keep your funds safe. It’s important to research and choose your crypto wallet carefully, and be sure to keep your recovery phrase safe and secure. Hardware wallets offer the utmost in security, and some even have features that make them immune to hacking.

Crypto Wallet FAQ

What is a crypto wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores your public and private keys, which are used to receive or spend your digital currency. A hardware wallet keeps the user’s private keys in its secure hardware while facilitating transactions with the use of its software. It makes site visits to check on their respective balances on the blockchain network. Users who own an online wallet can access only the funds on their account, but cannot move them unless by using some third-party service or initiating or participating in an exchange transaction on an exchange platform etc.
Lastly, you will need to protect your computer from any viruses and malware that may steal your wallet data (and thus crypto coins) if they get into your system somehow. Viruses and malware are everywhere, so you must be careful not to open files or links unless you 100% trust them.

What is a cryptocurrency wallet address?

A cryptocurrency wallet address is an identifier (account number), starting with 1 or 3 and containing 27-34 alphanumeric Latin characters (both uppercase and lowercase). It’s the only information you need to provide for someone to send you bitcoins or any other type of digital currency. You can share your crypto wallet address online, in person, over the phone, or even via email! However, if somebody has this cryptocurrency wallet address they will be able to withdraw all funds from your account at any time – make sure it’s secure.

What is cold storage?

Cold storage is cryptocurrency wallet’s method of keeping private keys offline, thus making it more secure than hot wallets. Private keys stored in cold storage are not connected to the network or internet, so they cannot be hacked remotely.

What is a paper wallet?

A paper wallet is an offline document that contains all data needed to generate multiple private keys. Paper wallets can be used to store bitcoins (or any other type of digital currency). Software-based paper wallets are called “client-side”, because the user must download and install them on their own computer before using them (the program with its HTML files serves as an interface for managing your crypto coins). Alternatively, hardware-wallets (such as TREZOR) can also generate paper wallets.

What is crypto wallet recovery phrase?

A cryptocurrency wallet’s recovery phrase, or seed phrase, is a list of words that are used to generate the private keys for your crypto coins. It’s also known as the “backup seed” or “recovery seed.”

What Is a Crypto Wallet Reset Phrase?

Crypto wallet reset phrases are different from each other based on which type of storage they come from. For example, if you have a paper wallet with a seed phrase written on it, then this pocket sized document serves as its own unique reset phrase. Most hardware wallets work in similar ways – if you lose access to your device itself (e.g., if it’s stolen), you can use your recovery phrase to re-access your cryptocurrencies.
In this case, the hardware wallet serves as a reset phrase. However, if you have cryptocurrency stored on an exchange and something happens to it (e.g., the company closes down), then that won’t apply – you’ll need to find out their procedure for recovering funds. You could try contacting them and pleading with them, but there’s no guarantee they will help you restore access to your account.

How Do I Create a Crypto Wallet Recovery Phrase?

First of all, make sure that you’re using an offline device (such as a computer that is not connected to the internet) in order to create your crypto wallet recovery phrase (it is recommended that you use an USB flash drive to transfer the phrase onto another offline device).
Download and install a wallet app (or connect your hardware wallet) – you will be asked to create/choose a password for encrypting your private keys. Make sure that you store this password as safely as possible, as it cannot be recovered or reset if lost. The next step is to write down the private keys that are generated one after sid eanother on a piece of paper by your wallet’s recovery phrase tool. When done, disconnect from the internet and close the app. At this point, there should be no way for hackers to steal your funds because they cannot access them without having both: 1) your password AND 2) access to the physical list of private keys stored offline.

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Whoops! Crypto Wallet Lost My Money – Crypto Missing from Wallet



This story is one that’s recognizably common for quite a few of us. You prepare your cryptocurrency wallet, and suddenly, it’s missing. Allow me to mention, my own experience today wasn’t any more positive!

As I was checking my balance from time to time with Wallet, one day I noticed that there were no more funds in my account. That can’t be right – what happened to all of my money?!

And if you are new if you see on eBay an image of crypto coins, and you are tempted to buy that coin this is not crypto it is just an image of a coin that is not worth anything.

Today we are touching also on how you can keep your cryptocurrency wallet more secure, what to do with wallets or wallet keys is also covered here. You may have heard stories about users misplaced their wallets, the key questions will be if they done all to keep their cryptocurrency wallet keys safe to recover dollars worth of crypto. The alternative is a lost due to human error.

Tens of Billions of Dollars Worth of Crypto Have Been Lost

Since the birth of blockchain technology, tens of billions of dollars worth of crypto have been lost. Many cryptocurrencies have been misplaced due to human error, with users losing their wallets or wallet keys. This is actually part of the Deflationary of a coin or token. Deflationary tokens are tokens fashioned to reduce in supply over time, losing access to your wallet it by the larger community welcome as it pays into Deflationary tokens.

Dozens of Salvadorans Say that Money Has Disappeared from Their Wallets – Salvadorans Report Funds Disappearing From Chivo Wallets

Chivo Wallets on the App Store

Some report being approached by scammers when they tried to get help. The Chivo Wallet was located in Salvador. In the last few days, hundreds reported that they had lost their Chivo Wallet. Hundreds of Salvadoran residents have claimed they have been unlawfully using bitcoin as an incentive for the government’s $30 bitcoin bill in October.

Crypto Disappeared from Wallet 

I was checking my crypto wallet and it said that I had zero balance. It didn’t make sense to me because I know for a fact that I have some money in there. When I went back to check, the funds were gone! What happened?

Apparently, there was a problem with the Wallet app and it caused all of my money to disappear. I have never had this happen before and it really made me upset.

Thankfully, I reached out to customer service and they were able to help me get my money back. However, if this happens to you, don’t panic! There are ways to get your money back.

If you have a problem with your crypto wallet, don’t hesitate to reach out to customer service for help. They will be able to guide you through the process and make sure that you get your money back.

Also, remember to always back up your data! That way, if something like this happens again, you will be able to restore your funds.

Important when you create a new Wallet you are asked in almost all cases to create a see phrase, you need to put this Wallet seed phrase into a safe place, also I recommend not to store this ever on your computer or in the cloud.

If anyone gets access to your Wallet seed phrase this individual can restore your wallet and steal all crypto in the wallet.

In conclusion, my day didn’t go so well because my crypto wallet lost my money. However, I was able to get it back with the help of customer service. Always backup your data and reach out for help if you have a problem with your crypto wallet!

Crypto Missing from Crypto Wallet

Issues I did run into with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, let me share my scary experience from July 2021.

Here Is What Happened to Me: I Did Send from Binance Shib to Exodus.

Back in July 2021, I sent my Shiba Inu (from Binance) tokens to a Wallet address by mistake. After the transaction went through all of my Shiba Inu tokens are gone. I was not sure if there is any way to recover them at this point, but it’s interesting that the transaction was sent successfully even though Wallet doesn’t support BEP20 transactions yet!

Binance Smart Chain Network Explained

I have never had a problem with my crypto wallet until just July 2021. Now, I’m not sure if it is Wallet’s fault or Binance’s network’s fault, but my funds are gone!

I was checking the value of my tokens on the exchange when all of a sudden they disappeared from my account. What happened? How did this happen? Well, apparently there was an issue with the Binance Smart Chain network transfer and all of my tokens were lost (at least I thought that).

The result was that with the help of the Metamask support team I was able to recover my Shiba Inu and send them back to finance. I went through a range of emotions when I lost everything for a few hours.

If you are interested this article did address my issue with the lost Shib:

How Is It Possible to Send Crypto to The Wrong Address?

BEP2 is the Binance Chain network’s token standard, while BEP20 is the Smart Chain network’s token standard. On the Binance Chain network, both standards are known as BEPS.

How do I avoid losing my crypto wallet and keys?

Preventing your digital keys is the best method of protecting your wallets and minimizing your risk. Tell me the best way to save a crypto-key? Tell me the best way to do it?

Is It Safe to Keep Crypto on Wallet?

What do you do when your cryptocurrency funds go missing from your wallet? This was the question that a friend asked me when his money disappeared overnight. All of a sudden, all of my Ethereum and other tokens were gone and there was no trace of where they went.

At first, I thought that maybe my computer had been hacked and someone had stolen my coins. But after doing some research, I realized that this was not the case. Apparently, there was a problem with the Wallet app and it caused all of my money to disappear.

He has never had this happen before and it really made him upset. I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help. All of his money was just gone and it felt for him like the world was ending.

However, after reaching out to customer service, he realized that there was still a chance that he could get his money back. They were able to help him through the process and guide me through how to get my money back.

This is a story that ends with a positive outcome, however, if you are not careful with your Wallet Seed Phrase or access passwords you may lose all when you get attacked by a hacker.

Can Lost Crypto Wallets and Keys be Recovered?

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options available when it comes to retrieving missing crypto wallets and keys.

Has A Wallet Ever Been Hacked?

Yes, wallets can be hacked with the use of simple security hacking techniques. It has also been reported that the security of Wallet is not so good and can be hacked.

Hacker with Laptop

You might want to consider another wallet if your crypto funds are very valuable because this one does have some hacking issues, which you can read about here.

Using a Custodial Wallet

In some cases, a custodial wallet may be recommended if the user believes he has no risk of losing the key. When the use of securing the funds in a custodial account the private key is managed by third parties.

Typically, custody and cash accounts are on the Internet and therefore are much safer than non-custodial accounts. Typically, this is controlled by crypto markets.

The best option is to use a regulated exchange. Normally regulated exchange companies such as Coinbase prefer to protect a large proportion of stored assets from loss from any hack.

Have a Secure Backup

When using crypto wallets without security, they may not need to store the mnemonic recovery phrases at the moment. The seeds should be recorded and stored in an open place.

Other users have the option to record key images on their computer or mobile device. These are more useful, though they’re riskier considering a computer system is vulnerable to hacking, allowing hackers access to seeds.

For such safeguarding measures, you should opt for devices with a connection with no internet access.

Use Hardware Wallets

Crypto hardware wallets are great when you want complete privacy on all your crypto assets. A pin is required to open the wallet when connected to computers. Because of its cryptography, it is highly protected against hackers and viruses.

They use a microcomputer to enhance security. Unlike the previous feature, a key cannot be transferred without permission.

Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet

The keys are isolated to the web, so they can’t be compromised easily. But not all crypto hardware wallets are cheaper than desktop crypto wallets.

The best way to keep your crypto safe is by having a secure backup of your wallet. This means that you should have multiple copies of your recovery phrase and store them in different places.

You can also use a hardware wallet to keep your funds safe. These are very secure and difficult to hack. However, they can be expensive compared to other alternatives.

How Do I Get My Money Back from A Wallet?

This is a tricky question, pls try also to reach out to the support of your exchange and wallet. They may have an answer for you.

Keep Your Software Wallet Version Current

Over time, the developer of a software-based wallet will release improvements. Make sure you use the instructions provided by the wallet’s creator to upgrade the program.

A potential security issue is when you get an email or see a not on the Internet with a new version, when you download this version as recommended it could be a version that was not released by the developer and is a version to attack your computer and steal vital information from it.

I personally consider desktop based crypto wallets as less secure compared to my selected hardware wallet.

A hacker has many attack angles resulting in unlock connected crypto accounts or getting data by extracting data from hard drives. Recover lost crypto coins may be possible, impossible when they are moved out of your own wallet.

Is It Possible to Recover Lost Cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can recover lost crypto by using the wallet’s seed. Make sure to make multiple copies of your back up phrase and store it in different places if possible.

It is also recommended that you use a hardware wallet for extra security or even better encrypt your software wallets with an additional password!

Keep in mind: Unfortunately, there are very few options for recovering lost crypto wallets and keys. You can improve the safety net when losing you are crypto wallet and still recover lost cryptocurrencies.

If your crypto was moved out of your wallet into a different one you do now own the crypto is lost.

Trouble With Wallet Seed Phrase

Do not share your wallet seed phrase with anyone. If you are asked to provide it, consider this a red flag and do not follow the instructions of sending funds or sharing any sensitive information that is normally only known by yourself. The company will never ask for your private key!

Cyber crime

As you can see you have to do a lot of research to help you to avoid losing your crypto, as you did see with my personal experience sending Shib to a software wallet which due to my human error after crypto was sent resulted in a full temporary loss of all Shib.

What About NFT?

NFTs are unique in that they are not always fungible. This means that one NFT may be worth more or less than another, depending on the circumstances.

For example, if you have two identical pieces of art, they would both be considered fungible. However, if you have two different pieces of art, they would be considered non-fungible.

The same issues of losing access to your NFT are valid, please take extra security measurements when it comes to NFTs.


The best way to protect your crypto assets is by ensuring that you have a back up of the keys and phrases for all of them.

It’s also wise to keep an offline copy or two, as well as store one in a safe location outside the house. In order to avoid losing any more money from wallets, make sure you follow our tips on how not to lose cryptocurrency!

If you’re serious about crypto, consider investing in a hardware wallet. These are the most secure way to keep your money safe and away from hackers looking for their next target.

However, they can be expensive so it’s important that you weigh your options before making this purchase. If you aren’t sure whether or not to invest in one of these wallets yet but want more security than what comes with software-based wallets, try encrypting them with an additional password!

This is also something that will help if someone were ever to get access to your account because then they’ll need both passwords – yours and the encryption key – just like when logging into any other website online today.

Either way, don’t forget: use strong passwords (with symbols!) and make multiple copies of your backup phrase and store it in different places if possible. You can also share this with a family member or friend just make sure to let them know not to give out the information under any circumstances!

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What Is Wallet Seed Phrase?



What Is Wallet Seed Phrase?

While configuring your Wallet, you will be guided to create a seed phrase. This involves producing a series of 12 words that allows for the recovery of your wallet should any problems occur.

Make sure to keep this phrase safe and don’t share it with anyone! If you lose your phone or get locked out of your account, the seed phrase is the only way to restore your wallet.

It’s a story that we have all heard before – you set up your crypto wallet and the next thing you know, it disappears! Well, I’m here to tell you that my day didn’t go so well either! As I was going through my account, I realized that it was missing from my Wallet.

Where Does Wallet Recovery Phrase Go?

When you set up your Wallet, there will be a section that says “recovery phrase.” This is the seed phrase that allows you to restore access to your wallet in case something goes wrong with it. Keep this in mind, always back everything up, and put it on paper outside the computer.

  • Write the Wallet recovery phrase down on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe and secure place.

When creating your Wallet make sure to write down the 12 words on paper and keep it in a safe place, never store this phrase on any computer or cloud service! If someone gets access to your seed they can restore your wallet and steal all crypto funds.

Can I Change My Wallet Phrase?

You cannot change These codes used by your wallet seed phrase.

If you lose your phone or get locked out of your account, the seed phrase is the only way to restore your wallet.

Cryptocurrencies are digital and they are stored in a digital ‘wallet’. When it comes to crypto wallets there are many different types: hardware wallets, web wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets, paper wallets, and brain wallets.

Where Should I Save My Seed Phrase?

While configuring your Wallet, you will be guided to create a seed phrase. This involves producing a series of 12 words that allows for the recovery of your wallet should any problems occur. Make sure to keep this phrase safe and don’t share it with anyone!

When you set up your Wallet, there will be a section that says “recovery phrase.” This is the seed phrase that allows you to restore access to your wallet in case something goes wrong with it. Keep this in mind and always back everything up and put it on paper outside the computer.

Metal plates for stamp seed phrase, secure and save password

If you want to keep track of your seed phrase on paper, write it down. It must be kept in a safe or a bank deposit box. There are also options for a metal plate.

Trouble With Wallet Seed Phrase

Do not tell anyone your wallet seed phrase. If you are asked to provide it, consider it a warning signal and do not follow the request to send money or provide any sensitive information that is generally known only by yourself. The developer or simply anyone will never ask for your private key!

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