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Can mobile devices do crypto mining?




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The crypto boom has created many millionaires, but the crypto market is also notoriously volatile. The crypto mining industry has gone through highs and lows based on the price of Bitcoin.

Recently, rumors were circulating that mobile devices could be used to mine crypto because it would allow people to trade off their electricity for free. This sounds like a great idea in theory, but there are some major drawbacks that make this not feasible at all.

My personal view on this kind of offering is “It is many times just a scam.”

workers testing mobile devices

Mobile Device Mining

The main question is can you mine on a mobile device is as of 2021 is in my view answered with a “No” or not in a profitable manner. Playing games that reward NFTs are mining on a mobile.

I know no coin that while it can be mined on a mobile can be mined efficiently, I would caution everyone who installs an APP that is promising this. It may be a scam, an attack, or fraud, so be extremely careful when you try such APPs. Personally, I would not even try an APP as I would be more concerned about a SCAM, an attack to gain more valuable information from my phone.

Mobile devices

Can I crypto mine on Android or iPhone?

Most likely not, start some real mining instead of spending time n this one.

When you search google on topics like “Can you mine Cryptocurrency on your phone?” you find answers like “Yes, it does work” or here is a video. These may just want to scam you and steal your crypto or scam you in different ways.

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